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Flat Rubber Coated Holding Magnets - 翻译中...

Flat Rubber Coated Holding Magnets - 翻译中...

Category: rubber coated pot magnets/ rubber coated holdingmagnets/ flat round rubber coated holding magnets/ rubber coated holding magnets with hole

Advantages: waterproof magnets, soft surface, strong magnetic force

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Rubber coated pot magnets also called as rubber coated holding magnets.Rubber coated pot magnets are used on the surface where it is easy to be scratched when used a normal pot magnets on it.Rubber coated holding magnets are an ideal holding magnets for the surface where it is easy to get wet, or work in humid conditions.

Each rubber coated pot magnets composed of 6pcs disc neodymium magnets, which make the rubber coated holding magnets multi-pole structure.The special magnetic structure ensures the powerful magnetic field on the holding magnet surface.So that the holding magnets can work well on the surface of the thin metal.

The rubber coated magnets on this page are not like other types of rubber coated pot magnets, the neodymium magnets were not fully coated. It usually used to as the magnetic base to hold objects in dry condition. Because of the unique structure, it can be used as the magnetic connector.

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